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Guava SMM (Social Media Marketing) Packages

Package comes with Social Media Management + Social Launcher Dashboard

Guava's Social Media Consultants specialise in creating & implementing marketing campaigns on social media to reach & engage with customers. They develop & execute strategies, create & publish content, monitor & respond to comments & messages, analyse campaign performance, collaborate with other marketing professionals, & stay current with trends & best practices. The goal of our SMM consultants is to help businesses use social media to build relationships with customers, increase brand awareness, & drive sales & revenue.

Guava's Social Launcher is a platform that helps businesses & teams manage their social media accounts, schedule & publish posts, & track analytics & performance. It includes features such as an engagement inbox, a social media calendar, bulk upload capabilities, & analytics & reporting tools. The platform supports multiple social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Instagram, & allows users to manage client profiles without needing their social media credentials. It also offers smart scheduling options & the ability to edit & reschedule scheduled posts.

Monthly Basic
Social Packages
$850 $AUD Incl GST / month per website.(G-SOC1)
Hours:5 - Users:1

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  • Basic Social Setup
  • Monthly Advanced
    Social Packages
    $1800 $AUD Incl GST / month per website.(G-SOC2)
    Hours:15 - Users:3

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  • Advanced Social Setup
  • Monthly Premium
    Social Packages
    $4900 $AUD Incl GST / month per website.(G-SOC3)
    Hours:30 - Users:10

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  • Premium Social Setup

  • SMM (Social Media Marketing) Glossary:
    • Social media platform: a website or app that enables users to create & share content or to participate in social networking.
    • Profile: the public account of a user on a social media platform, which includes information about the user & their activity on the platform.
    • Feed: the stream of updates & content from the accounts that a user follows on a social media platform.
    • Hashtag: a word or phrase preceded by a pound sign (#) that is used to identify messages on a specific topic.
    • Handle: the username of an account on a social media platform.
    • Engagement: the interaction between a user & a brand on a social media platform, such as likes, comments, & shares.
    • Influencer: a person who has a large following on social media & is considered an expert in a particular industry.
    • Sponsored content: content that is produced by a brand & promoted on a social media platform in exchange for payment.
    • Organic reach: the number of people who see a piece of content on a social media platform without the use of paid promotion.
    • Algorithm: the set of rules that a social media platform uses to determine which content to show to a user.