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Guava All in 1 Online Marketing Packages

Package comes with Marketing Strategist + SEO, SEM & SMM Packages

Guava's Marketing Strategist are professionals who develop & implement overall marketing plans for organisations. They research & understand target audiences, create campaigns to reach & engage with them, & aim to increase sales & revenue. Marketing strategists may conduct market research, identify appropriate marketing channels and tactics, work with other marketing professionals, analyse campaign performance, & collaborate with sales teams. Their goal is to create & execute comprehensive marketing plans that help organisations effectively reach & engage with their target audience & achieve business objectives.

Guava offers SEO Packages that include consultation & tools to help businesses improve their website's ranking on search engines. The packages include SEO consultants & developers, as well as subscriptions to the Web Ranker & Site Auditor dashboards. The Web Ranker tracks & improves website ranking through keyword & competitor tracking, automated reports, & customisable competitor tracking. The Site Auditor helps fix SEO issues & improve online traffic & customer experience through a comprehensive site audit & detection of indexing, ranking, & usability issues. It provides instructions on how to fix identified issues.

Guava offers SEM Packages with consultation & tools to increase a business's online visibility through paid search advertising. The packages include SEM Administration & subscriptions to the SEM Dashboard and Web Ranker dashboards. SEM consultants create & manage campaigns, conduct keyword research, create ad copy, and target ads to specific demographics or locations. They may also track & analyse campaign performance & optimise campaigns for clients in various industries. The SEM dashboard provides detailed reports on advertising campaign performance & offers clear instructions on how to optimise campaigns. The Web Ranker helps businesses monitor & improve website ranking through keyword & competitor tracking, easy-to-use reports, automated reporting, & the option to customise the number of competitors being tracked.

Guava offers Social Media Packages with consultation & tools to help businesses reach & engage with customers on social media. The packages include Social Media Management & access to the Guava's Social Launcher platform. SMM consultants develop & execute social media marketing strategies, create & publish content, monitor & respond to comments & messages, & analyse campaign performance. The Social Guava Launcher is a platform that helps businesses manage social media accounts, schedule & publish posts, & track analytics & performance. It includes features such as an engagement inbox, a social media calendar, bulk upload capabilities, & analytics & reporting tools. It supports multiple social media networks & allows users to manage client profiles without needing their social media credentials. It also offers smart scheduling options & the ability to edit and reschedule scheduled posts.

Monthly Basic
All in 1 Packages
$850 $AUD Incl GST / month per website.(G-ALL-1)
Hours:20 - Users:1

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Package Includes $AUD
Basic SEO Package $850
Basic SEM Package $850
Basic Social Package $850
Basic Marketing Strategy $180
Value Added $2730
Saving >19% $530
Monthly Advanced
All in 1 Packages
$1800 $AUD Incl GST / month per website.(G-ALL-2)
Hours:60 - Users:3

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Package Includes $AUD
Advanced SEO Package $1800
Advanced SEM Package $1800
Advanced Social Package $1800
Advanced Marketing Strategy $320
Value Added $5720
Saving >30% $1820
Monthly Premium
All in 1 Packages
$4900 $AUD Incl GST / month per website.(G-ALL-3)
Hours:120 - Users:10

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Package Includes $AUD
Premium SEO Package $4900
Premium SEM Package $4900
Premium Social Package $4900
Premium Marketing Strategy $600
Value Added $15300
Saving >35% $5500