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Measuring the ROI of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Measuring the ROI of your online marketing strategy is an important step in determining the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Tracking key metrics such as website traffic, lead generation, conversion rate, return visitors & social media engagement, gives you valuable insights to help optimise your online marketing strategy for your business.

There are several methods for measuring the ROI of an online marketing campaign:

  1. Track Sales: The most straightforward way to measure ROI of an online marketing campaign is to track the number of sales generated by the campaign and compare it to the cost of the advertising campaign. 
  2. Web Traffic: Measure ROI of an online marketing campaign by monitoring number of website visitors. Measure campaign traffic & engagement. 
  3. Lead generation: A great way to determine ROI is by tracking leads generated by campaigns, including sign-ups and contact form submissions.
  4. Conversion Rate: Have a clear understanding of how many of your website visitors are engaging in an action such as purchasing or using a form. Identify areas for improvement & optimise your campaign.
  5. Return Visitors: Tracking return visitors can give you an idea of how well your online marketing campaign is driving engagement & brand loyalty.
  6. Social engagement: Measuring engagement on your social media platforms such as likes, comments, shares & followers can also be a great way to determine ROI of your marketing campaign.

When measuring your ROI, it's important to keep in mind that the results may not be immediate and may take longer than expected to generate an ROI %.