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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Glossary:
  • Algorithm: a set of rules followed by a search engine to rank websites in their search engine results.
  • Keyword: a word or phrase that describes the content of a webpage and is used by search engines to index it.
  • Meta tags: HTML tags that provide metadata about a webpage, such as its description and keywords.
  • Backlink: a link from another website to your website.
  • White hat SEO: techniques that try to improve search engine rankings by following search engine guidelines.
  • SERP: search engine results page, listing websites that a search engine has determined are the most relevant to a user's search.
  • Anchor text: the text used to link to another webpage.
  • Crawl: the process by which a search engine discovers new and updated pages to be added to its index.
  • Index: a search engine's database of webpages that it has discovered and ranked for relevance.
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